How To Maintain a People-Centric Ethos in a World Where Physical Interactions Needed To Be Limited

When GoTab connected with Barcelona Wine Bar in March 2020, they quickly realized they were dealing with “an old soul in the industry.” Barcelona Wine Bar had resisted online reservations until 2019 and takeout wasn’t widely available. When the pandemic hit, the multi-faceted tools utilized at each of the 18 locations of Barcelona Wine Bar to provide a special hospitality experience, had to be re-assessed. However, the most fundamental of them all – the people – continued to be a priority.


When Barcelona Wine Bar set out to find a contactless technology partner for its 18 locations, it tasked the group’s IT Director to vet and review more than 8 providers. Aware that there is no such thing as a perfect tech product, the emphasis was placed on a platform that was easy for their people to customize and a system that spoke and functioned like them: providing the best of the Barcelona Wine Bar experience while allowing them to rely on their Number One asset- their people.


Preserving the Human Experience

The dining experience at Barcelona Wine Bar equates to a dinner party so unique you can never recreate it – the atmosphere, décor, playlist, surprising and familiar foods, prepared in ways you couldn’t have thought up.

With GoTab, Barcelona Wine Bar has found a platform with the ability to integrate with its own customer system and people-centric approach.

GoTab doesn’t take the human out of the ordering process, rather it provides the flexibility to make human interactions more meaningful by removing the mundane and insignificant tasks.

“GoTab gave us a very easy and quick way to ensure the system looked, spoke and functioned like us. From that point on, it was easy for our teams, who were experiencing the most challenging days of their careers, to embrace it and give their guests the best of the Barcelona Wine Bar experience.”— Kerry Hennessy, VP of Operations

By pairing its staff’s hospitality knowledge with GoTab’s capabilities, Barcelona Wine Bar has found the perfect answer to reconnect with its loyal customers, guiding them through the exploration, discovery and nurturing experience they seek out when they choose to dine with them.

Contactless technology also allows efficiency and eliminates some of the unnecessary tasks and operational frictions, giving Barcelona Wine Bar’s people more time and flexibility to feed and take care of guests.