A Simple Way to Save Money

There are many costs of doing business that can quickly add up. – One of which are credit card processing fees. We understand in the restaurant business, every penny counts, and 2-4% per month on credit card fees translates to paying thousands of dollars every year.

e-Coast Systems has been customizing credit card processing solutions to help restaurant owners maximize savings. Let us introduce the Dual Pricing Advantage Program.


We This program will allow your business to transfer the credit card fee cost to the customers, saving thousands of dollars every year in credit card fees. On top of all that, if your business qualifies for this program, e-Coast Systems will provide you with best in class point of sale hardware, software and support at no charge.charge.


e-Coast Systems protects your business and helps you succeed. We provide a Dynamic Array of Integrated IT Services to make your life easier and take your business to the next level.

If you’re interested in eliminating the credit card fees for your business and saving money in your hardware and software needs, reach out to e-Coast Systems today!

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