Enterprise Firewall.


Custom firewalls and business systems.

Now more than ever actively managed firewalls are essential to the security and compliance of business. e-Coast incorporates Meraki and Sonicwall advanced security solutions and gateway suites to protect and constantly update threat signatures. Intrusion Prevention, Malware Protection and Content Filtering are just a few of the advanced features that constantly keep your network safeguarded.

Wireless + Marketing.

Wireless Engineered to Amaze.

Making wireless internet a powerful tool instead of a constant pain point is easy with e-Coast. Consistent and flexible connections that can be used to interact with customers and collect data points. Use these data points to stay in communication with your customers. Deliver effective offers through integrated marketing tools that will have your customers returning over and over.

Failover Internet.

Things are looking UP with Cellular Failover.

Businesses rely on internet connections to operate without borders. Credit card processing, software systems and guest experiences are critical facets to everyday operation. Teamed with e-Coast’s enterprise firewall service, failover internet ensures your business is not disrupted by incidents like cut cables or provider maintenance. We can even implement SD WAN services that keep complicated WAN/VPN services up regardless of IP or provider change.