Transforming Service, Transforming Business

Canyon Club is located in a rural part of the East Bay. It was born out of a need to create a space where the community could gather to share drinks and socialize. GoTab allowed the Brewery & Brewpub to accommodate more guests safely, and deliver faster, better service.


When the brewpub opened in Moraga, California in October 2019, locals and friends frequently joked that the space had more outdoor seating than indoor tables to accommodate guests. This worked in their favor when it came time to repoen as they incorporated GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment features to offer a safe space for the community to gather and reunite.


More Guest Control Leading to Better Experiences

With a very large restaurant and beer garden that spans about ¼ of an acre, they had two concerns: staffing such a large space is expensive, plus their staff expressed concerns about interacting with hundreds of people.With GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment, staff are now focused on ensuring food and drinks are delivered in a timely manner, and guests have all they need to enjoy their time on-site, ultimately improving the guest experience. This is reflected in higher tips for the brewpub’s staff.

“We are able to speed up service and accommodate more guests within our outdoor space now. Thanks to GoTab, we manage to improve the guest experience for more people, with significantly less staff. We’ve also been able to run effectively with 30% less labor.”— Kevin Hamilton, Owner

GoTab’s Manager App integrates high-quality hospitality with intuitive tech – the system allows managers to see snapshots of customer feedback directly on their dashboard, giving them the opportunity to address issues in real-time. “We use the end-of-day email with the recap of customer feedback to see what needs to be changed, eliminated or perfected,” commented Kevin Hamilton. “The feedback we collect through GoTab helps us pivot and make the necessary changes to continue to improve the guest experience at Canyon Club.”