A New Platform to Elevate the 2022 Tampa Craft Beer Fest

With more than 90 breweries gathering for the 2022 Craft Beer Fest in Tampa, FL, Florida Brewers Guild Executive Director Sean Nordquist tapped into GoTab to retool his signature annual event.


As 400+ attendees descended upon downtown Tampa to sample more than 300 different craft beers, GoTab worked closely with Florida Brewers Guild to create an exciting Brewers’ Hideout – a space reserved for the breweries and their staff to gather, take a break from the crowds, share food and drinks, and network. Located steps away from the booths, the unique setup got an upgrade from the usual tent, with old shipping containers rearranged to provide a top deck looking out over the entire event. Brewers could order food from the various food trucks on site via the special GoTab QR code set up for them.


Transforming the Guest Experience with GoTab’s Commerce Platform

The unique setup allowed brewers to order food from the various food trucks on site via the GoTab QR code and receive a text when their food & beverages were ready for pickup. “GoTab went above and beyond to create an incredible space for our brewers to mingle, enjoy some respite from the event and easily have access to delicious food and beers,” said Nordquist. “I’m so grateful for GoTab’s fantastic customer service, which truly set our team up for an amazingly successful Craft Beer Fest.”

“Being able to provide up-to-date information to our attendees thanks to GoTab’s platform was key in transforming and improving the guest experience.”— Executive Director, Sean Nordquist

The Guild used GoTab’s cloud-based solution as a POS to sell merchandise. With transaction rates lower than previously used payment processing solutions, it made sense financially to leverage the platform to sell branded gear to attendees. GoTab’s inventory features came in handy throughout the day as volunteers could easily check on product and size availability before each sale. After the event, the team was able to run reports and analyze sales, saving them time to tally up revenue and helping them assess merchandise production needs for next year. With GoTab easily and seamlessly working on any tablets, the team set up a mobile hotspot and was able to run all tablets and payment terminals through the hotspot, freeing up their personal mobile devices and tablets for their own communications needs.