GoTab POS Saves Earnings, Reduces Errors During Major WiFi Outage

Offering artisan, local steaks, a wide beer selection and a cool, relaxed atmosphere, Hoff’s Steaks & Steins of Frisco, Texas is the ultimate gathering place. With a full, German-French steakhouse indoors, a lush outdoor beer garden and a climate-controlled interior beer garden, Hoff’s relies on GoTab POS, KDS and Mobile Ordering and Payment to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently.


Saturday, July 3rd started like any normal holiday weekend shift at Hoff’s until a neighborhood-wide internet outage struck. As the dining room filled, and the first turn of diners finished their experiences, the operation was staring down a complicated shift. While other restaurant managers from the neighborhood wandered in, seeking out advice and to see if other restaurants had broken out the “crash kit” yet, the team at Hoff’s was able to spring into action immediately to get their GoTab POS back up and running. As a GoTab operator, Hoff’s has access to a real customer support person, all day, everyday. Hoff’s reached out to GoTab partner, rbbt.tech and President Gavin McLeod was onsite within 15 minutes to get the operation back on track.


An Innovative POS with Real Customer Service Reduces Offline TimeUnlike other POS systems, the cloud-based GoTab POS is able to run off cellular service, using a browser, or by downloading the app. By connecting GoTab’s payment terminals to a mobile signal, Hoff’s was able to get back up and running processing all orders and payment, with less than an hour of downtime.

“There is simply no other system that could have delivered these results and saved the day for Hoff’s. During outages, legacy systems are fully down and cloud-based systems have limited ‘offline’ capabilities, leaving staff to get orders to the kitchen on their own, swamping the whole operation. With GoTab’s cellular capabilities you have a system that works and maintains consistent communication between the front-of-house and kitchen.”— Gavin McLeod, President of rbbt.tech

Restaurants face high stress, increased labor cost, and increased errors during outages, which leads to lost revenue and negative guest experiences. With GoTab’s innovative POS, Hoff’s kept connection with the kitchen and the team maintained use of the GoTab KDS.

During high volume shifts, they always count on GoTab’s KDS features to execute a smooth, efficient flow from ordering, to the line, and delivery of food and drinks to guests. With the newfound awareness that their operation can be run off cellular service, and a successful July 4th weekend behind them, Hoff’s looks forward to continuing to grow their sales and guest experiences in partnership with rbbt.tech and GoTab.