New and Improved POS Software from e-Coast Helps Swig & Swine Bring the Heat to the Kitchen

Swig & Swine BBQ is an all-wood smoked BBQ and craft beer restaurant. In 2013, owner and pitmaster Anthony DiBernardo opened Swig & Swine in collaboration with Queen Street Hospitality Group and became the sole proprietor in 2019. With over a decades worth of culinary experience, DiBernardo’s passion for barbeque led him to Lowcountry, SC. There are now three Swig & Swine restaurants located in Mt. Pleasant, SC, West Ashley, SC, and Summerville, SC.

e-Coast Systems specializes in providing POS systems and credit card processing solutions to local restaurants. Based out of Charleston, SC, e-Coasts services also include wireless marketing, backup resources, enterprise firewalls, and more. Since its founding in 2006, e-Coast has improved the operations of innumerable clients across South Carolina


Swig & Swine started to have difficulties with their old POS system, Aloha Customer Service. With the previous system, Swig & Swine experienced issues with reliability and slow performance. The restaurants staff were also encountering problems with Aloha’s lack of security with their credit card processing. Because of all these complications, Swig & Swine needed a complete network overhaul, replacing 18 terminals in total.


Swig & Swine reached out to e-Coast to replace their antiquated POS system and upgrade their business operations. Migrating from Aloha Customer Service, Swig & Swine opted for e-Coast’s RPOWER V20 on a Touch Dynamic Pulse Ultra Stations, with integrations from Factor 4 Gift and Loyalty and RASI (Restaurant Accounting Services).

Unlike Aloha, RPOWER V20 came with built-in printers to help save space. It also included ID Tech Augusta Chip readers mounted to the screens and code corp cr1000 barcode scanners that allows Swig and Swine to easily recall or tip checks quickly.

RPOWER V20 made managing restaurants like Swig and Swine easy with essential functions, such as order entry, kitchen printing, credit card processing, cloud data analytics, and gift and loyalty. Plus, E-Coast handled all the firewall, network, and voice & data support during the installation process. Overall, installation took two and a half hours to complete, with two four-hour training sessions with a simulated order entry for restaurant staff. During the process, an e-Coast trainer was present in the restaurant for the first day of go-live to


Key benefits from Swig & Swine’s departure from Aloha to RPOWER V20 include:

• Decreased downtime
• No more credit card fees with the Cash Discount feature
• Ability to fight chargebacks using EMV technology

The Cash Discount feature was beneficial since it eliminated credit card fees by forwarding the cost to the customer when they chose to pay with a credit card. Swig & Swine’s ROI has improved since they aren’t spending thousands of dollars on monthly fees.

Swig & Swine was also impressed with e-Coast’s on-demand customer service. In just one phone call, e-Coast’s expertise answered all their IT questions and concerns. E-Coast also set up a mobile POS unit for Swig & Swine’s Swig Food Truck, interacting with their on-site POS over cellular. Thanks to e-Coast, The Pig Rig can deliver great food and service anywhere on the same POS systems staff are familiar with using in-house.

All-in-all, e-Coast successfully upgraded Swig & Swine’s restaurant operations with their reliable and easy-to-use RPOWER V20 systems. With increased productivity and less stress, Swig & Swine’s business improved phenomenally and continues to thrive today.