The Blue Pig Takes Control of Guest Experience & Profit Margins

Nestled in the historic West Side of Cookeville, Tennessee, is a rustic-chic, fast-casual smokehouse, The Blue Pig. With a cozy backyard offering classic BBQ meats & Southern-style sides, Blue Pig is perfect for any occasion. From date night to family gatherings and large groups, guests can enjoy wood-fired smoked meats, street tacos, and BBQ nachos, all thoughtfully prepared with fresh ingredients. Blue Pig sets itself apart from the long lines of the local BBQ scene by using GoTab products, including the POS, KDS, and Mobile Ordering and Payment.


While the team at The Blue Pig has always created fantastic BBQ and operated with sustainable business practices, they weren’t always the neighborhood joint they are today. During the height of the pandemic when the team prepared to re-open, they pivoted from their upscale, fine-dining restaurant to a fun, fast-casual concept. The team quickly faced the challenges of launching a new concept in one of the most unexpected times in industry history. To tackle the challenges of rising food costs and creating an exceptional guest experience, the team turned to GoTab.


Improved Guest Experience and Plate-Cost Control

With GoTab’s Mobile Ordering & Payment and POS, Blue Pig has been able to re-imagine its steps of service, differentiating itself from local competitors. For example, guests can now easily order both food and drink simultaneously instead of waiting in a long line for food, then again for beer. In addition, there is no need to flag down a server to pay or split their bill; they can leave on their own time. Shared tab control means the staff can also maintain the hospitality for which Blue Pig is known. Managers or servers can visit tables and access guest-initiated tabs to order another round while enjoying their meal. This modern take on service steps has led to higher revenue, improved order accuracy, and profitability.

“With GoTab, our guests can experience the fresh, classic BBQ known to this area without the long lines. So many families and groups dine with us, and now they can enjoy their experience and leave whenever they want to– a complete game changer for us. Plus, with real-time analytics, we can manage our plate cost and continue to offer high-quality ingredients we are proud of amid increased food costs.”— Kent Birdwell, Owner

With GoTab’s technology, The Blue Pig has a flexible service model that can offer traditional counter service and seamlessly manage high volume, even when faced with staffing issues. In addition, integration with Margin Edge supports accurate, up-to-date profitability that keeps their business running. Kent and the team at Blue Pig plan to leverage GoTab’s Marketing capabilities to offer promotions and drive repeat business with promotions and guest segmentation.